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My name is Damian Pietras. I'm a system programmer at a polish portal INTERIA.pl. In past I worked for Open-E creating SAN (mainly iSCSI) and NAS software. I was always fascinated with Open Source and Linux particularly. I'm developing server software, currently INTERIA.pl mail system which is one of the largest mail providers in Poland (millions mailboxes handled by hundreds servers). My primary programming languages are C and C++.

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About this blog

Sometimes at work or when programming for fun I encourage a problem that is not so common that you easily find a solution on the Internet and have to resolve it myself or have an idea that may be interested for programmers. The solution is often worth writing down with a description to be used in the future. I've created this blog as a something between a programmer's handbook and a diary to note the ideas, patterns or valuable information that are hard to find in other places. I hope this site will be interesting to programmers, especially for those who develop software on Linux. I sometimes about things only partially or completely not related to programming, even oldest programmers sometimes do other things than writing code.

Source code included in this blog

All source code included on this site is Public domain unless explicitly stated otherwise. Public domain means that you can use the code without any restrictions but I will be thankful if you include my name and URL to this site in the comment.


Every software (even small examples like on this site) has bugs. If you don't think so, you probably have little experience as a programmer :). If you find a bug, mistakes or lies ;) on this site, please leave a comment.


If you want to comment something on the site or found a bug I prefer you post a comment. If you really want to contact be directly, here is my email: daper at daper dot net.